Standard Tours

If you prefer to join standard sightseeing tours on foot, by bus or by bike, we will gladly provide you with the respective vouchers from our associated partners. Simply send us your preferred dates and times as well as the number of persons taking part and we will do the rest. Your tickets will be ready for you upon arrival!

Standard Bus Tours

1. Big Berlin Tour with Stop at the Brandenburger Gate

Brandenburger GateHighlights of the capital with the government district.
This tour will show you the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church, Europe-Centre, Bauhaus Museum, New National Gallery, Philharmonic Hall, Potsdam Square/Sony-Center, Jewish Museum, Gendarmenmarkt, Alexander Square, St.-Nicolai-Quarter, City Hall of Berlin, TV-Tower, the Berlin Cathedral, Zeughaus, State Opera, Boulevard "Unter den Linden", Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Government Area Chancellery, Tiergarten, Bellevue Palace, Siegessäule, Charlottenburg Palace, Olympic Stadium, Grunewald Forest, Radio Tower, ICC, Kurfürstendamm.

Departing:  10.00 h + 14.00 h daily from Kurfürstendamm 216, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Duration:  ca. 3 hours
Price:  EUR 21.50

2. Berlin City-Circle-Tour in 8 Languages

Experience Berlin with an 8 language City Circle Tour.
You can get on and off at 14 different stops all around the city at your own pace. If you prefer you may stay on the bus and do the full two hour tour in one go. Prices and departure times according to our timetable. No responsibility is taken for any delays due to traffic-problems and detours. Boarding depending on free seat capacity. Last boarding for the complete tour is at 4:00 pm from either Kurfürstendamm 216 or Alexanderplatz.
November - March only until 3:00 pm. Schedule may be subject to change. This is a tape-guided tour.

Departing:  Sightseeing with 14 get-on / get-off points.
Every 15 min. from each get-on/off point.
Duration:  Min. 2 hours
Price:  EUR 18.00

3. City-Circle + Boat Tour

This tour offers you the option to extend and highlight your Berlin City-Circle-Tour by joining a cruise on the river Spree (Stop No. 10). The one-hour trip through the historic center of the city will present you the most important sights from a different point of view. April - October daily at 10:00 am.

Departing:  At City-Circle Tour Stop No. 10
Duration:  Min. 3 hours
Price:  EUR 26.00

4. Potsdam - incl. Palace Sanssouci

Bildergalerie Schloss SanscouciThe old garrison and residence town of Potsdam, situated just a stone's throw away from Berlin, has become famous for its splendid palaces and gardens. The palace of Sanssouci in Potsdam turned into a favourite refuge of the great Prussian king Frederic II. Here the "philosopher of Sanssouci", as he was called, entertained some of the most educated men of this time, among them the French philosopher Voltaire, who was a permanent guest for a long time. The excursion includes an extensive guided tour of Sanssouci Palace, a stroll in the magnificent park and a city tour of Potsdam where you will discover among other sights the Dutch Quarter and the Russian Colony Alexandrovka. Advance booking required.

Departing:  10.00 h daily, except Monday.
From April to October, Sat/Sun 14.15 h
Duration:  Min. 4 hours
Price:  EUR 35.00


Standard Walking Tours

1. City West & East

With the Insider Walking Tour we begin our adventure in the heart of Cold War west Berlin's showcase of capitalism with the looming bombed out spire of the Memorial Church before us. Stroll into the history of the Prussian Kings, through the Royal Hunting Grounds, stand before the Victory Column - marking the birth of the German nation and Europe as we know it today - unbridled Prussian military arrogance at its best! Follow the route of the Soviet attack up to the final batlle ground of the Reichstag Parliament - now adorned with Norman Foster's glass dome, and by the new futuristically charged Government Quarter and Federal Chancellory ... then comes the East! Pass over the line of the Death Strip, under the Brandenburg Gate, by the Holocaust Memorial, Hitler's Bunker, Checkpoint Charlie, and finish with an account of the momentous events which led to the fall of the Wall while standing amongst the heart of the East German Government Quarter and the New Berlin.

Departing:  April - October, daily from meeting points at 9:45, 10:00, 10:20 am or 2:15, 2.30, 2.50 pm
November - March daily departure at 9:45, 10:00 and 10:20 am
Duration:  Min. 4 hours leisurely stroll with oppounities for photographs and refreshments.
Price:  EUR 12.00 regular price, EUR 9.00 students and under 26 years

2. Soviet Berlin - behind the Iron Curtain

The Red Star Tour journeys into the tumultuous history of Berlin in the throes of civil war, the emergence of the extraordinary figures of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht and the formation of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). Explore the ideological impetus of the Communist Revolution, the resistance to Nazism before and during WW2 and East Germany's birth in the aftermath of Soviet victory. Visit the Government Quarter of Soviet East Germany and the remaining Portal of the Berlin Palace – where the Socialist State was proclaimed, the birth place of the German Communist Party, the socialist modernism of Alexander-platz, Marx Engels Forum and the monumentalism of Karl Marx Allee – not to be missed! Insight into everyday life in East Germany in terms of education, health, culture, the existence of the Stasi and "Anti Fascist" barrier of the Wall. Be moved by the massive Soviet memorial in Treptower Park – one of the most powerful reminders of the Nazi-Soviet War and resting place of 5000 Soviet Soldiers. Then walk the length of the East-Side Gallery – the longest existing stretch of the Berlin Wall and massive outdoor art gallery. (We advise you to bring a day ticket for public transport.)

Departing:  May - September, every Sunday. Departure S - Hackescher Markt at 2:00 pm
Duration:  Min. 4 hours leisurely stroll with oppounities for photographs and refreshments.
Price:  EUR 10.00 regular price, EUR 8.00 students and under 26 years

3. Berlin by Night WalkingTour

Drive a stake through the nocturnal heart of Berlin and experience Berlin at dusk! Berlin nights gave inspiration to romantic poets, anonymity to leasure seekers and a mystical backdrop to the zeal of Nazi progaganda events. It also provides the setting for a new tour which brings to life the drama evoked by the interplay of light and shadow, and by the contrast of empty streets and crowded bars. Join us for a leisurely stroll exploring: Berlin's cultural life, Jewish history and rich literary legacy. Insider tips on culinary hotspots and bars for the discerning drinker. Along the way we will visit: The Hackescher Höfe – the largest Hof-complex of its kind in Europe, The Pleasure Garden – site of the1936 torch lighting ceremony and Nazi pageantry Bebelplatz – the illuminated memorial to the Nazi book burning, which comes to best effect at night Oranienburgerstrasse – the center of Berlin Jewish life and "New Berlin" nightlife Museum Island – where art was infused with an almost religious meaning Brecht’s Ensemble – where theatre was supposed to merely provide the prelude to revolution. Having emerged from the tour, you will realise that Berlin is essentially a nocturnal creature, a vampire, and in the company of Tom and Andrew you will have the unique opportunity to drive a stake through its historical heart. The guides will ensure that all your needs are catered for at the end of the tour (e.g. transport)

Departing:  Tuesday & Friday at 8:30 pm
Meeting point: Hackescher Markt S-Bahn Station on the square in front of Coffee Mamas.
Duration:  About 4 hours
Price:  EUR 10.00


Standard Bike Tours

Meeting Point: Friedrichstrasse Station in front of the bike rental (Fahrradstation), which is where we begin and finish. EUR 20,00 regular price, EUR 17,00 for students and under 26yrs old (bike is incl. in price). Please bring along credit card or passport for deposit.

Departing:  May to September daily at 10:30 am, in July & August 10:30 am and 3:00 pm
Meeting Point: Friedrichstrasse Station.
Duration:  4 hours pleasant ride with a lunch break at Checkpoint Charlie.
Price:  EUR 20.00 regular price, EUR 17,00 for students and under 26yrs old
(bike is incl. in price)

If you would like to book your tour or require further information, don't hesitate to contact us. Simply fill in the tour section of the Request form.

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