Grand Tour

The "Grand Tour" offers Berlin visitors the opportunity to take in as much as possible of the city in a day's sightseeing, from the comfort of a tour bus and with a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

The tour takes you on a journey through four epochs of German history - the neo-classical elegance of the Prussian empire, cultural flowering of the Weimar Republic and the exotic nightlife, succeeded by the Nazi reign of terror, East Berlin as showcase of the Eastern Block in the Cold War, and the era of German re-unification which followed the fall of the Wall, characterised by huge reconstruction and building projects.

The achievements and disasters of Germany's turbulent past have left their mark on Berlin in the shape of some of the city's most famous landmarks - from the ceremonial Brandenburg Gate passed Alexanderplatz to the Eastside Gallery, where remnants of the Berlin Wall still stand, from the glittering new dome on top of the Reichstag, home of the German Parliament, along the shop area Ku'Damm to Schloss Charlottenburg, the oldest remaining Prussian palace.

Potsdamer PlatzWith the fall of the Wall and German re-unification, Berlin has resumed its role of seat of government and has received a facelift. Your tour might take you to the redeveloped pre-war centre of Berlin, Potsdamer Platz, where companies like Daimler Chrysler and Sony have erected staggering modernist towers, or lead you through the maze of construction sites surrounding the Reichstag, where Embassies and Government buildings are sprouting up.

Alternatively, your tour could include an excursion to the beautiful city of Potsdam on the outskirts of Berlin, where Friedrich the Great built his palace Schloss Sanssouci, surrounding it with landscaped gardens.

Our tours are tailor-made to suit your particular interests, wishes and needs. We will design the tour according to your special requirements and attempt to include as many as possible of the sights you wish to see. Your guide will discuss the tour route with you and happily make any changes or additions for you during the tour. Feel free to make any special requests to your guide.

Tour includes lunch at a local favourite serving traditional Berliner cuisine. Since traditional meals tend to consist of meat and potatoes, please inform us in advance of any special dietary requirements, e.g. vegetarian, kosher, etc.

The Grand Tour can be booked for up to 10 hours. This allows for brief visits of the sights and the chance to stretch your legs and take in the scene. Time allowing, the tour may include visiting some palaces, exhibits and museums at group discount rates.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and dependable, and will strive to make your stay in Berlin as pleasant as possible.

If you would like to book your tour or require further information, don't hesitate to contact us. Simply fill in the tour section of the Request form.

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