Public Transportation

Berlin boasts one of the cleanest, cheapest and most efficient public transport systems on the continent, and you can get around the city swiftly and easily. Travelling by underground, surface rail, tram or bus, you have a network which cover the city like a blanket. You are sure to get to where you want to go on time and in good fashion.

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S-Bahn and U-Bahn NetworkThere are 9 U-Bahn (underground train) lines covering central Berlin, the majority served by escalator or lift. Maps of the network are displayed on the platforms and inside each carriage. The direction of the train is shown on a sign suspended above each platform indicating the terminus it is bound for. Timetables, and ticket machines with instructions in English are to be found at every station. The system has cameras and personnel at every station and is extremely safe.

The S-Bahn (surface rail) network is nearly as big, and somewhat faster since the distance between stops is greater. Confusingly some sections of the U-Bahn run overground and some of the S-Bahns underground, but since the same tickets are valid for both, you can enjoy the surprise. Both networks run roughly between 05.00 and 01.00. On Fridays and Saturdays the U 9 and U1 run all night, and a network of night busses, with services every half hour, link most parts of the city, seven days a week. These are designated N100, N113, N167 etc. and timetables are displayed at each busstop.

The Bus network itself comprises more than 150 routes with tickets available from the driver. The timetable is displayed at each bus stop. In addition, in the eastern part of the city a Tram network operates (timetables at each stop, ticket machines and maps in each tram).

The same tickets are valid for all parts of the public transport system - U-Bahn and S-Bahn, Bus and Tram. There are three Zones, though most destinations can be reached within the first two, Zone A and Zone B. Should you be planning to visit the city of Potsdam during your stay, you will need to purchase Zone C.
Ticket prices for one adult are as follows:

Ticket Prices
Single trip in Zones AB
Single trip in Zones ABC
€ 2.10
€ 2.40
Day-Ticket in Zones AB
Day-Ticket in Zones ABC
€ 6.10
€ 6.30
€ 18.00
€ 22.00
JetXpressBus TXL (Tegel Airport)
(Valid for 2 hours in Zones AB)
€ 3.10

All tickets valid for less than a day must be stamped in machines to be found on the trams and busses themselves, and in the case of trains, on the platforms.

The ‘Berlin WelcomeCard’ is ideal for limited stays. It is a three-day voucher for all zones and includes free admission and up to 50% reductions to several tourist attractions and activities. The WelcomeCard costs €18.00 is valid for one adult accompanied by up to three children under the age of 14. For more information or to purchase a WelcomeCard, please go to our Request Services section and send us your request.

Berlin is more than generously equipped with taxis which can be hailed or picked up from a rank. A journey to an adjoining suburb could cost you € 7-10, across the city € 15-30. Add 1-2 Euros for a tip.

CAUTION: As a pedestrian you should look carefully before crossing tramlines since trams can only brake and not swerve! Pay particular attention to bicycle lanes which are very common in the west of the city - Berlin cyclists tend to take it for granted that you have seen them, and there are a lot of them.

Get an overview of the city here City Map.

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