Musicals in Berlin

Musicals are the big draw in Berlin, and sometimes it seems as if there is an inexhaustible supply. Shows like 'Chicago' are regular visitors to the city.

Already playing to packed houses for many months in the Musical Theatre right in the centre on Potsdamer Platz is the famous musical 'Cats' and coming soon, 'LesMiserables' .

The string of musicals based on Irish music and dancing, 'The Lord of the Dance', 'Riverdance', are staged more barely at Tempelhof Airport or the Berlin Area 'Velodrom' - but lack nothing in scale, skill and energy.

Theater des WestensShowing at the Theater des Westerns is 'Mayamana', and all the reports are very positive.

But it's not all traditional work on show - performance groups like Gosh or Stomp often play at large and medium-sized venues throughout the city, introducing a wider public to their original spin.

At the other end of the scale, for those who want to recapture the atmosphere of the Golden Twenties, shows like 'Im Weißen Rössl', the famous romantic light operetta from the early years of the century, play at regular intervals around Berlin.

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